• Athena Neurosciences

    Pharmaceuticals for neurological diseases

    Acquired by Elan Corp., plc

  • Avidia

    New protein structural motifs for treating human disease.

    Acquired by Amgen (AMGN)

  • Calithera Biosciences

    A new class of anti-cancer therapeutics based on activation of caspases

  • Catalyst Biosciences

    Developer of engineered proteases as protein therapeutics that attack targets which cause disease.


  • Elcelyx Therapeutics

    Elcelyx is a biotechnology company that is creating new therapeutics for the treatment of diabetes and obesity

  • FoldRx Pharmaceuticals

    Treatments for diseases caused by misfolding of specific proteins

    Acquired by Pfizer

  • Galleon Pharmaceuticals

    Innovative medicines for pulmonology, neurology, cardiology, sleep medicine and pediatrics


  • GlobeImmune

    Therapeutic vaccine platform technology targeting infectious disease and cancer


  • Morphotek, Inc.

    Next generation antibodies production technology.

    Acquired by EISIA

  • Mosaic Biosciences

    Platform for tissue engineering using synthetic smart polymers

  • NaZura

    NaZura BioHealth Inc. is focused on developing consumer and pharmaceutical products based on its proprietary Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM) technology.

  • OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    Biological therapeutics targeting cancer stem cells


  • Orexigen

    Developer of drug treatments for obesity and related disorders.


  • Principia

    Drug discovery company based on a proprietary chemistry platform that generates novel compounds with enhanced selectivity, high potency and longer duration of effect

  • Promedior Pharmaceuticals

    Therapeutics to treat fibrosis


  • Ra Pharmaceuticals

    Platform for orally available and cell permeable biologics

  • Replidyne

    Drug discovery and development focused on a new class of antibiotics


  • Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals

    RNA-based pharmaceuticals for human disease


  • Scioderm

    Scioderm is focused on the development of innovative drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases of the skin.

  • Sequana Therapeutics

    Gene discovery via functional genomics

    Acquired by Axys Pharmaceutical (AXPH)

  • Stemgent

    Reagents for stem cell researchers


  • Threshold Pharmaceutical, Inc.

    Developing targeted therapies for treatment of cancer.


  • Tragara Pharmaceuticals

    Developer of drugs for the treatment of cancer and inflammation-related diseases.


  • Trellis Bioscience

    Platform technology for monoclonal antibody development and production


  • Vapotherm

    Vapotherm is developing high flow therapy for clinically effective respiratory support.

  • Vical

    DNA-based pharmaceuticals for human disease


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