All Portfolio Companies

Adara Media, Inc. (formerly Opinmind)

Affinity Specialty Apparel, LLC

Agility Communications, Inc. (acquired by JDS Uniphase)

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. (FOLD) (acquired Scioderm)

Archcom Delaware Holding LLC (formerly Archcom Technology)

Ardian, Inc. (formerly Foundry NewCo VIII)

Arisdyne Systems, Inc. (formerly FST Technologies)

Asterand Bioscience, Inc. (formerly Stemgent)

Autonet Mobile, Inc.

Avidia, Inc.

Avtron Holdings, LLC

Bayhill Therapeutics Inc. (formerly Tolerion)

Big Switch Networks, Inc.

BilltoMobile, Inc. (formerly Danal USA)

Blinkx PLC (acquired Rhythm NewMedia)

BlueArc Corporation

Brion Technologies, Inc.

Cabochon Aesthetics, Inc. (formerly Foundry NewCo IX)

Calithera Biosciences, Inc.

CardioMind, Inc.

Caspian Networks, Inc.

Catalyst Biosciences, Inc. (CBIO)

Catena Networks (acquired by Ciena)

Catena Networks (acquired by Ciena)

Cavitech Holdings, LLC (formerly Five Star Technologies)

CEM International/United TriTech Corporation (acquired by Mindready Solutions)

Channelsoft Holdings Limited (acquired United Platform Technologies)

Check, Inc. (formerly Pageonce)

Cierra, Inc. (formerly Foundry NewCo VII)

CLK Design Automation, Inc.

Convo, Inc.

Cortina Access, Inc. (Cortina Systems Spin-Off)

Digital Railroad Inc.

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions Inc. (acquired StarGen)

Doximity, Inc.

Elcelyx Therapeutics, Inc.

Emphasys Medical, Inc.

Ethos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(formerly AllChemie)

Evernote Corporation

Extrusion Technology, LLC

Fiber Optic Network Solutions Corporation

fiberSpace, Inc.

FiberStreet, Inc.

Five Star Technologies, Inc.

FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Force10 Networks, Inc.

FORMAH Holdings, Inc. (formerly Compel Holdings)

ForSight Vision2, Inc. (formerly Forsight Labs NewCo II)

ForSight Vision4, Inc.

ForSight Vision5, Inc.

FST Life Sciences, Inc.

Fundly Inc.

Galleon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

GED Holdings, Inc.

GlobeImmune, Inc.

Holaira, Inc. (formerly Innovative Pulmonary Solutions)

iCargo, Inc.

IGA Worldwide, Inc.

Ignis Optics, Inc. (acquired by Bookham)

imeem, Inc.

Inkra Networks Corporation

Innovance, Inc.

Inphi Corporation (IPHI) (acquired Cortina Systems, Inc.)

Inplane Photonics, Inc. (acquired by CyOptics)

Intact Medical Corporation (formerly NeoThermia)

Integrated Vascular Systems, Inc.

Intelleflex Corporation

IPC – The Hospitalist Company (formerly Inpatient Consultants)

Jackalope Labs, Inc.

JasperSoft Corporation (Panscopic)

KIT digital (acquired Sezmi)

KnowledgeNet, Inc.

Kona Medical, Inc.

Lamina Lighting, Inc. (formerly Lamina Ceramics)

LendingClub Corporation

Levanta, Inc.

Lightchip, Inc.

LightConnect Inc.

LocBox Labs, Inc.

Lone Star Heart, Inc. (formerly CardioPolymers/Symphony Medical)

LuMend, Inc.

Mark Andy Holdings, Inc.

Miramar Labs, Inc. (formerly Foundry Newco X)

Mixed Media Labs, Inc.

Morphotek, Inc.

Mosaic Biosciences, Inc.

Moximed, Inc. (formerly ExploraMed NC4)

MP Comm-Works Holdings, Inc.

MPE Aeroengines, Inc.

MuleSoft, Inc. (formerly MuleSource)

NanoOpto Corporation

NaZura Biohealth, Inc.

Netli, Inc. (acquired by Akamai Technologies)

Nexis Vision, Inc. (formerly ForSight VISION3)

Nominum, Inc.

NuoDB, Inc.

OMNIPV, Inc. (formerly UltraDots)

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

OneChip Photonics, Inc.

OptiScan Biomedical Corporation

Orb Networks, Inc.

Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.

Overture Networks, Inc.

Paratek Microwave, Inc.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation (PSMI)

Pivot Medical, Inc. (acquired Foundry NewCo XI)

PMW Technologies, Inc. (dba PeopleMatter)

Practice Fusion, Inc.

Precision Parts International, LLC (formerly Precision Parts Holding)

Princeton Lightwave, Inc.

Principia Biopharma, Inc

Promedior, Inc. (formerly Crovela Biopharm)

Promedior, Inc. (formerly Crovela Biopharm)

R2 Semiconductor, Inc.

Ra Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Relievant Medsystems, Inc.

Replidyne Inc. (acquired by Cardiovascular Systems)

Resonance Semiconductor Corporation (formerly Renaissance Wireless)

ROTO Holdings, Inc.

RPM Communications, Inc. (dba Foonz/utterz), Inc. (acquired RelateIQ)

Satiety, Inc. (formerly Foundry NewCo V)

Second Genome, Inc.

SetPoint Medical Corporation (formerly Innovative Metabolics)

Sierra Neuropharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sionex Corporation

SiPort, Inc.

Siri, Inc. (formerly Active Technology)

SLG Holdco, Inc.

SNOCAP (acquired by imeem)

Socrata, Inc. (formerly Blist)

SohoOS Ltd.

Solta Medical, Inc. (formerly Thermage)

Sonatype, Inc.

Spine Wave, Inc

Sunlight Photonics, Inc.

The Foundry, Inc.

Third Millennium Healthcare Systems (acquired by CareMedic Systems)

Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Tragara Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Transcend Medical, Inc. (formerly iArt Newco I)

Trellis RSV Holdings, Inc. (formerly Trellis Bioscience)

Twelve, Inc. (formerly Foundry NewCo XII)

Unity Semiconductor Corporation

Vapotherm, Inc.

Vertiflex, Inc. (formerly DK Spine Technology)

Voltage Security Inc. (formerly IdentiCrypt)

Wave7 Optics, Inc. (acquired by Enablence Technologies)

Westwave Communications, Inc.

Xebeo Communications Inc.

Xevo Corporation

Xoomsys, Inc.

Xponent Photonics, Inc. (formerly cQuint Communications)

Xtent Inc. (formerly Foundry NewCo VI)

Yotta Networks, Inc.

ZeroG Technologies, Inc.

Zolo Technologies, Inc.