Bob Pavey

Partner Emeritus

Bob, based in Cleveland, OH and Silicon Valley, CA, joined Morgenthaler in 1969 and has been a Partner since 1971. From 1990 to 1992, he served as President and then Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association. As an angel investor, Bob backs several young companies each year. He sits on the Board of Directors of Batteroo, Folio Photonics, Forte Ventures, Oasis Consumer Healthcare, Properly, Inc., Qnovo, R2 Semiconductor, and TempoQuest.  In addition he serves on the Board of Trustees at Case Western Reserve University and Commonfund Capital. Bob has led investments in companies – such as Apple Computer, Atria Software (acquired by Rational Software), Illustra Information Technologies (acquired by Informix), New Focus, Peregrine Semiconductor (acquired by Murata), Synernetics (acquired by 3Com), and Synopsys. He received a BS in physics from The College of William & Mary, an MS from Columbia University, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


The College of William and Mary (B.S. in Physics), Columbia University (M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering), and Harvard Business School (M.B.A.).

Board Seats:

  • OmniPV
  • R2 Semiconductor


Seed companies run by experienced entrepreneurs in California and Ohio.

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Bob Pavey


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