Our Investment Strategy

Our goal is simple: To partner with the best entrepreneurs and provide them with the highest level of support possible as they build their companies. We have a team of 6 investment professionals who sit on an average of five to seven boards or less. This allows us to provide the active, value-added services required to help our portfolio companies grow rapidly.

We invest primarily in therapeutic life science companies, particularly those in the fields of Biopharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

We expect to invest between $12 and $15 million total in a company over several rounds. In biotech, we look for multi-product platforms, or targeted therapies, that can achieve clinical proof of principle within 5 years. In medical devices, we have a particular interest in devices that compete in multi-billion dollar drug markets.

The majority of our investments have been in Series A, but we are open to later stage opportunities. We have a strong history of both internal and external company incubation. This includes 4 life science companies started internally, 3 active EIRs as current CEO’s of portfolio companies, and almost 20 externally incubated companies we’ve invested in from inception.